Focus your vision to focus your life - drshti

Drshti"Where your attention goes, energy flows"? 

This phrase is extremely helpful not only during yoga practice, but in life in general.
In yoga, the Sanskrit word drshti (DRISH-tee) can mean seeing, point of view, or inner vision.
It can also refer to the act of gazing at a focal point. Practicing drshti can be as simple as staring at the flickering flame of a candle during meditation, or choosing a spot on the wall to look at to maintain our balance in a yoga pose. If your attention is on another person or a moving object, we're more likely to fall out of the pose or become unstable and wobbly.
Drishti is prescribed in the The Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali to improve dharana (concentration) and pratyahara (sense withdrawal). These practices are a guide to ultimately reach samadhi or enlightenment.

Where is your focus today? Where is your vision? Where is your drshti?
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