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GodMorgonTirup page 001God morgon Tirup. 

Mjukstarta söndagen med skön yoga och god vegetarisk frukost
till toner av klassisk akustisk gitarr i Tirups grönskande örtagård.
N-yoga studio och Peter Tegnér kommer under 4 söndagar i juni
och juli ge er möjlighet att väcka kropp och själ utomhus i Tirups
ljuvliga grönska.

I Tirups örtagård kommer ni dessutom kunna handla i butiken och
plantskolan med 20% rabatt. Välkomna!

 Datum: 14/6, 28/6, 12/7 och 26/7

Tid: 8.00-9.30
Pris: 470 kr/gång (Yoga, frukost + gitarr ingår)
Egen yogamatta tas med

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Bindande anmälan men kan överlåtas till annan person. Avbokas vid regn.

Bio Peter Tegnér:
Guitarist Peter Tegnér from Sweden released his 4th soloalbum for guitar in October 2019. “Different Journeys” was recorded in Mumbai, India and mixed and mastered in Sweden by Joakim Barfalk at Chromophone Studios. The album contains of 16 tracks composed by Peter and all of them is performed on one acoustic guitar solo with no added tracks. Tegnér´s fingerpicking style on steel string acoustic guitar combined with a minimalistic touch creates his own unique sound. Peter is known for his sunset concerts in Sweden, Goodnight Sun. This summer he did 45 concerts for the sunset on 9 different places in Southern Sweden. www.petertegner.se

 Bio Niki Schönström:
Owner of N yoga studio in Lund. Certified Moksha hatha yoga and yin yoga instructor since 2013. To Niki, teaching and guiding people in yoga is a great privilege and a great deal of trust. Through presence and heart, with voice and hands, Niki try to get those who practice yoga to create space, mobility and strength both physically and mentally. To Niki, yoga is about simplicity. Yoga is a way to find balance and harmony for both the inside and outside.


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