"I approve!"

Imagine a place without email, phone, deadlines and problems. It's a lot nearer than you think……                                                                                                                            niki 1

Having a place where you can totally relax, be yourself, or simply be quiet can be a tremendous help in fighting overloaded mind and tired body and soul. Regardless of how old you are and where you are living, everyone needs a quiet place — a place that is free from noise, chores and deadlines.
This is the place - N yoga studio - hopefully not far away from you, where you can start your day or retreat to and relax completely at the end of an exhausting day.
But this place is not only a stress-free zone, it´s also full with fantastic human beings. People that makes this studio such a wonderful place. A yoga community that is growing and expanding, not only by itself but with help of people that believes and supports the studio.

So, continue to spread the word, continue to come beautiful yogis, continue to share your breath and energy with us and continue to build this community of ours with love and respect. N yoga studio is for you. For Sockerbruket. For Lund. Sometimes a positive review makes our day. That someone says that Lund has become a lovely place to live thanks to the studio. A review or a recommendation may be the difference between staying or not. Thanks to everyone who says "I approve!" to N yoga studio! 🙏💚


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