Lara our new teacher.

LaraOur Bliss family is expanding! We are so happy to welcome our new Yoga teacher Lara Leigh Ruddy. You will meet Lara at the Open House in August 31- September 1. Lara is going to teach Slow Vinyasa and Yin.

During the following days we will present our teachers here and you can read about who they are and what yoga is for them. And we encourage you to take one of their classes to see why we love them for yourself!

So first out is LARA:

Who am I!
I am a 500hr yoga teacher and massage therapist. Michigan native, which helps explain my immense love for water and being outside. I come from a family of five and recently became an aunt! Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies and in a roundabout way is how I ended up here in Sweden. I love dinner parties, playing group games and watching films. I also enjoy reading, writing, and painting. Conservation and equality are dear to my heart. My sambo and I hope to have pets soon and in the meantime, we have many healthy and happy plants.

What Yoga is to me!
Yoga is a part of me and yet a gift that I love to share. Yoga brings me joy and also is a practice that teaches me more about who I am. It is a way of reflection and assimilation. It helps me to connect to what is authentic and true to me.


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