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Welcome Sanna Sender to our yoga community and to our awesome teachers group of N yoga studio! Sanna is an experience Moksha and hatha yoga teacher and is joining us as from April 2. Please welcome her by taking her class today April 2 @19.15 Moksha.

Sanna will as our other teachers during April subing the classes now and then due to the Corona virus and schedule change. Hopefully we can have our teachers back in May.

This is Sanna:

Who am I: I first came across yoga in 2002, when my local gym club started to give yoga classes. As many others, I first came to yoga for the exercise, but soon I realized there was so much more to it. It taught me about self acceptance and inner strength at a time of my life when I needed it the most. Since then, yoga has been by my side wherever I go, like an old friend who is always there for you, no matter what.

I spend my working days as a high school science teacher, and in my spare time - when I’m not on my mat - I’m an active, outdoorsy person who loves spending time in nature - hiking, climbing, running, snowboarding or sailing. I am an adventurous music lover, and a world traveler, and a mother of two sweet boys.

What yoga means to me: What I love most about yoga is it’s ability to always put a smile on my face and to give me that inner bliss - even when life is stressful or hard in any way. It calms you down and fills you up with energy at the same time.

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