Välkommen Bhante Satimanta!

DA1D6610 3FAF 4A4D B252 D21F99BE75E4Bhante Satimanta är vår meditations instruktör för N yoga studio MEDITATIONS KURS med start på Alla hjärtans dag Febr 14. Vi träffas 7 fredagar kl 16-17.30.
En fantastisk fin present att ge bort till någon kär eller till sig själv. ❤️
Läs mer om kursen på vår hemsida www.nyoga.se/schedule eller på FB eventet.
Bokning sker till This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Är ni mer nyfikna på vem Bhante är så läs artikeln här.
Välkomna att boka och hoppas vi ses.


hanna shoulder standAldrig provat på yoga? Yogat för typ hundra år sedan? Yogat lite då och då men aldrig riktigt blivit biten eller känt den omtalade yogaeffekten?
Rädd för att prova på och inte passa in? Känner dig stel som ett kylskåp? Har svårt att nå tårna eller har stela knän? Svårt att ta djupa andetag? Andas?
Kom och träffa oss @Nyogastudio. Vi vill gärna träffa dig!

Open House weekend Jan 2020

ÖH 2020 2

ÖH 2020 2

What a weekend!!
Fully booked Open House classes! Saturday started with Emma’s Vinyasa, then Moksha with Niki, MediYoga with Tove, Yinyang with Maya and we finished the day with a Yin class. A beautiful mix of newbies and senior students, came to the studio! We had all so much fun. Thank you for coming and sharing your practice, breath and energy with us! 

ÖH 2020 2      ÖH 2020 3     ÖH 2020 3Sunday.....The last day of our Open House. Today we could also enjoy Lara’s slow Vinyasa flow!
We are so blessed with the best yoga community EVER! Look at the pics!!
Thank you all who came and made this weekend so wonderful. What an awesome way to start the year 2020 and the first month of the year. Grateful to the moon and back.
For those of you who couldn’t make it to this weekend...always welcome in. The doors are open.

ÖH 5   ÖH 6   ÖH 7 

ÖH 8  

ÖH 8   ÖH 8


yin mfr trapetsiusMyofascial Yoga; what is fascia and why is it an important part of your yoga practice?
“How tuning into your body´s connective tissue when you practice yoga can help you reap ALL of yoga´s benefits.”

The word Myo means ´muscle´ and the word fascia means ´band´ (or connective tissue), so when you hear the phrase myofascial yoga, or myofascial release, we are talking about connective bands and spaces all around and within the muscle. But fascia is so much more than that.

Three reasons why fascia is important.
1. It cushions and protects: Fascia is the body´s shock absorber.
2. It´s flexible: It ensures that you can move your body freely.
3. It´s strong and supportive: It keeps everything in your body in the right place.

In healthy, happy, well-functioning body the fascial system is strong, fluid and flexible.

Want to know more? Come to the Yin MFR class on Tuesdays at 20.00 and see how it feels to make your fascia happy!
See you!


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