To our sangha

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To our Sangha. Yoga community.
Thank you for your love. Your understanding. Your support. We have been working really hard since March to have the studio open. We have tried to make the schedule as good as possible for all of you. We have tried to keep it up with good teachers and a good selection of classes so you will feel value in coming to us. We put our calling to spread yoga and health first. But it's tough. Still very tough. Therefore, we are so grateful when you still buy cards and membership. When you appreciate what we do to be able to keep the studio going. And when you spread what we spread in the studio.
Thank you for all the nice and warm reviews from you. It warms and makes us, teachers, so happy and gives us the strength and energy to continue to spread the power of yoga and health.
As of, November 16th, the government and Folkhälsomyndigheten came out with new restrictions and recommendations. Although they don’t directly affect our studio we decided to go with the flow!
We want to help support our community at large and do anything we can to limit the spread of the virus. As of November 24th (until further information) we have decided to take the following precautions:
- Maximum of 8 students in class
- Please cancel class as soon as possible
- Less than 3 students in the class will be canceled 2hrs before
- Continue to wash your hands before and after the class.
- Stay home if you have any symptoms!
Welcome to the studio if you are well and healthy.
With Love and Light
// Niki, Sanna and Emma

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