Why boredom can be good for you….

Niki DancersPracticing the same series over and over again can be boring, and that is why we do it! Boredom is just another thing that comes up in the yoga practice and how we deal with it depends entirely on how we frame it.
If you look at it in a negatively way, as a permanent state that should be avoided, then for a yoga practice it can be a killer. Yoga makes us dig deeper, paying attention, to view what comes up, good or bad, without analyzing and without judging. So, if you get bored, you get bored. It´s not good, it´s not bad, it´s just is.
You can take the easy path and avoid boredom by moving on to the next pose quickly or maybe even skip your practice, OR you just stay and work with it. Because even if you do the Dancer´s pose (Natarajasana) for the hundredth of times, there is something to learn, to pay attention to. And you will get rewarded.
Consistency is the key. The more attention you give to your practice, the more you will get out of it.
Let´s dance!


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