Workshop Pranayama & Ayurveda consultation w Govind

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This coming weekent we have the honour of having Govind in our studio for the workshop Pranayama and the Ayurvedic consultationFoto Govind Consultation

Workshop Pranayama September 12, 13-16pm
Pranayama is an ancient method to “direct the life energy” and a direct shortcut to the mind. Its foundation is based on simple breathing techniques that have been proven to cure diseases, stress and emotional imbalance. In this workshop, you will be taught simple techniques of pranayama to give a taste of the deep spiritual Indian yoga tradition of Santhi Yoga.
You will learn basic breathing techniques and be confident enough to continue a daily practice that will make positive changes in your life. You will also be introduced to deeper layers of pranayama and learn how pranayama can be used as an important tool for true meditation to happen and how it connects to the subtle layers of your existence.
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Price: 700 kr

Ayurveda consultation September 13
A Consultation with Govind focuses on you as a complete being. It is about your Mental, Physical & Emotional condition & wellbeing – including how this relates to your familial & personal relationships. Govind’s guidance relies on Ayurveda, Astrology & Yogic principles that complement & strengthen each other.
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Price: 1200 kr (60 min session)

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