WS Vibrational Healing Evening - a Meditative Experience

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Date: 27/11-2020, 19.00-20.30
Investment: 800 kr
Booking: (booking is binding but can be transferred to another person)

Welcome to a special evening and enjoy a relaxing journey for ears, eyes and soul.
During this evening you’ll get insights on:
– how Sound can harmonise your inner world
– how your Voice is a mirror of your body’s health
During this evening you’ll experience:
– an audio-video art relaxation (see example here)
– an audio meditation with specific frequencies for grounding and balance of the nervous system
This event is presented and designed by Elena Gidoff (Grain of Sound) in collaboration with N-Yoga Studio.(
Note: All necessary equipment (own headset, props etc.) will be available at the venue.

About Elena Gidoff:
After 17 years of working with information in the business world, Elena took the leap towards serving the people through therapy and created Grain of Sound, located in Lund. Elena is interested in music and sound, health, spirituality and personal development from different perspectives.
As a sound therapist, her education is based on Elaine Thompson's Sound Therapy and Vibrational Retraining in United Kingdom. Elaine is the most renowned sound therapists in Europe that works with low frequency sound treatment.About Holistic Sound Therapy:
Holistic Sound Therapy at Grain of Sound is first in Scandinavia to offer an advanced and individualized model for therapy. Physical and emotional imbalances are harmonised with the help of low frequency sounds resonating with the human brainwaves and aligned to the individual's voice profile, a mirror of the body's health. The therapy is vibro-acoustic, where you can both hear and feel the sound (on a specially built Sound Bed), and thus achieving a profound state of relaxation where healing gets possible.

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