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yin mfr trapetsiusMyofascial Yoga; what is fascia and why is it an important part of your yoga practice?
“How tuning into your body´s connective tissue when you practice yoga can help you reap ALL of yoga´s benefits.”

The word Myo means ´muscle´ and the word fascia means ´band´ (or connective tissue), so when you hear the phrase myofascial yoga, or myofascial release, we are talking about connective bands and spaces all around and within the muscle. But fascia is so much more than that.

Three reasons why fascia is important.
1. It cushions and protects: Fascia is the body´s shock absorber.
2. It´s flexible: It ensures that you can move your body freely.
3. It´s strong and supportive: It keeps everything in your body in the right place.

In healthy, happy, well-functioning body the fascial system is strong, fluid and flexible.

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