Workshop YONi Yoga with Sanna Aulén

Start: April 13th at 14.00-16.30                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

YONi YOGA med Sanna 003Price: 550 kr 

YONi YOGA step 1.
Yoni yoga is for all women that has started or want to establish a balanced relationship her Yoni* and pelvic region. To move further towards a strong vitalized base and Yoni. A workshop for women with a crystal Yoni egg or interested in using one. You will get to explore healing and strengthening exercises you can take home to practice by yourself. There will also be some very vitalizing in depth practices to move and boost your feminine energy for you to expand your bodies incredible potential that starts in the pelvic and your Yoni. A healthy happy Yoni is the first and most important step to utilize your full ecstatic potential as a woman. It has been the missing piece for me. It can be done with or without a crystal Yoni egg.
* YONi means Sacred space in Sanskrit and female genitals.

For the workshop, please wear comfortable and flexible clothes and bring an open mind set, and if you have bring your own Yoni egg.

Registration is via the webpage, app Mindbody or at the studio. The booking is binding but can be transferred to someone else.


Sanna Aulén eyeseei 21 002has worked with alternative health and health products for many years where she has been involved in pioneering healthcare companies in Sweden and Europe. She started her own company in 2014, designing silver and crystal jewelry and beautiful body tools for empowerment and self-care of the female body ( She is based in Hatha yoga and the traditional Tantra yoga with more than 10 years of study and experience. She also teaches Kundalini yoga and has a fine sensitivity to deep relaxation and meditation, which she previously specialized in


No plans for Thursday?

E1E93415 FF66 4151 9F08 A413BE37020BNo plans for Thursday? Then why not start the day with a morning yinyang class at 6.45, then come to the dynamic evening Moksha class at 17.30 and then allow yourself to relax completely in the restorative yin class at 19.00 guided by our teacher Maya! Enjoy the day! 😍

Find your inner wisdom.

Thank you, Antje Swart @Holistic Hypnosis, for a most powerful and joyful workshop “How to find your inner wisdom”and for the gentle and soft guiding through the self-hypnosis session. We felt so relaxed, soothed, calmed and energetic. If you missed this workshop, then you will have a new change to meet Antje in a new workshop. So, book the date May 8th at 18.00-20.00. Soon it will be out for booking at S

I’m all yours!

I am all yours today! Subbing for Aura Maria in the Vinyasa flow at 17.30 and then relaxing yin with Nidra meditation at 19.00! IMG 4990Today’s theme is Go- to- gate -parighasana - in both classes. Hope to see you!


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