Balance and equilibrium.

Balance and equilibrium. Lust and joy. That was the theme and message from the workshop yesterday with @Ulf Wallgren. Crowded and intimate in a fully booked studio. And what a pleasure and joy it was! What a wonderful energy and happy laughters filled our little shala! Individually and together, with Ulf's soft guidance in Mediyoga, we got to know how we can create and achieve balance and equilibrium. That it could be this good! Thank you all who came and gilded this beautiful and cold Saturday.

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WS " Get the Pose", October 20-2019

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Date: October 20-2019
Time: 14-16
Price: 550 kr (the booking is binding but can be transferred to another person.)
Book: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are really doing a pose safely or why a certain pose continues to be extremely challenging even after lots of practice? Learn to find the details of the hatha asanas in N yoga studios new workshop- "Get the pose"!

This workshop will concentrate on alignment and the subtler aspects of certain poses while breaking down the components needed for steady, strong and easeful postures.
"Get the pose" workshop will improve your awareness of how to prepare for certain postures while also giving you the tools to recognize and correct common misalignments. These classes are open to all!
Let´s break down the Runner´s lunge (Ardha Hanumanasana), Toppling Tree (Patan Vrikshasana) and Dancer´s pose (Natarajasana).

Teacher: Niki Schönström is the owner of the N yoga studio and also an experienced yoga teacher. Read more about Niki on


Welcome to our team - Emma!

EmmaLast but not least is our new teacher Emma Johnson.
Emma will join our Teachers group and sangha as from October 6 and will teach the morning Vinyasa flow classes at 10.00 on Sundays. So now you can start your Sundays with a beautiful Vinyasa flow and maybe keep flowing throughout the day til the evening soft Yin classes with Tian. Emma will also sub for the Yin/Yinyang and Hatha classes when needed.

This is Emma.

Who am I?

I am a California native that grew up along the coast. Because of this, I cultivated a deep sense of wonder and gratitude for nature, and a love for being outdoors. I love being barefoot, doing any activity in the sea, hiking, and picnicking. I also enjoy listening to live music, dancing, cooking with friends and having candlelight dinners. I am a flexible person and always open to try new things and explore new places!

What yoga means to me?
Yoga started out as a way for me to connect with my body, eventually my breath, and soon after a connection with myself. It has helped me to heal my own physical injuries, lift the weight of mental and emotional trauma, and unravel deep societal conditionings of how I felt that I was supposed to live my life. Yoga has helped me to live and be my most authentic self, and its a feeling that I try to share with others through teaching.


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