Schedule changes.

Small schedule changes to come in January!
Awesome Aura Maria is subbing for Niki on January 2, 4, 7, and 8. Start the new year by taking Auras strong classes! Welcome in!🙏🏻

Aura says: Namaste and Shine Bright this Holiday Season! 🙏179010F7 3F91 42F9 B788 FDA5D881AD4A

Meet me in the New Year to set the intentions for the year to come.
A new year and new beginnings; time to rejuvenate ourselves so that we can start all over again.

2019 will also start with a new moon cycle and together with the New Moon it is the perfect time to reflect, tune in, recharge and create a vision for the cycle ahead.

Join me @ N yoga studio:

2nd of January @10 am Vinyasa Flow
4th of January @12 pm YinYang
7th of January @12pm Vinyasa Flow
8th of January @17.30 Vinyasa Flow and @19.30 Yin yoga followed by Yoga Nidra meditation.

A practice about introspection and renewal, aligned with our perfect essence.

Happy holidays!

WS Sankalpa with Singing bowl meditation, January 12, 13.00-15.00

Set the intention for 2019 with SANKALPA + Singing bowl gong meditation. 

"If you do not know where you are going, it does not matter which route you take." (Alice in Wonderland)     

During this workshop, Niki Schönström and Gabriele Ottosson, will lead you through a meditative and relaxing yoga class with the purpose of discovering your own Sankalpa (an annual intention / focus) for 2019. The singing bowls produce sounds/vibrations you can meditate on to open the energy centers in the body and heal your mind and body.

What is Sankalpa - how to find it and work with it?
And how can it help you in your yoga practice or your life?
'San' refers to the highest validity, and 'kalpa' means promise. So, it becomes kind of a promise of the highest degree to support us to live, follow, our divine truth. Sankalpa is sometimes translated into intention, and can also be seen as a state of mind of clarity, focus, direction, meaningfulness and energy.
When we have a Sankalpa, it's like having a compass - when we're out of balance, in a crisis and lost, a Sankalpa can lead us on the right track again because we still know where we are going.

But it is not always easy for us to find a Sankalpa because we rarely stop and ask ourselves: "What do I want?" Or "What do I need?".

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