59025285-0DFC-42E6-9A42-53F8D34C02AC.jpegMondays are fun days at the studio. Why some of you are thinking? Well because during 5 Monday’s I have had these kids to myself. Lovely, funny, talkative and energetic kids. Who just LOVE Tadasana (mountain pose) and Savasana. Here they are waiting for Adam to join the class.
Mathilde, Charlie W, Adam, Sebastian and little Charlie R- my yoga kids! Hope to see you soon again! 💚

Thursdays at N yoga studio.

8FF2F075 F625 42A7 9494 4CDB53052FEAThursdays at N yoga studio is Moksha and Restorative Yin. Try your balance, your strength and your flexibility at 17.30 or allow your self to a complete relaxation in stillness at 19.00. Hanna will guide you in both classes today. Enjoy your Thursday!

Yoga for Musikhjälpen December 15

101030 Hanna S

December 15, 10.00-11.00 @ N yoga studio w Hanna Sundquist.

The amazing initiative Musikhjälpen is coming to Lund. This year the aim is to raise money for all people rights to function differently. 
And Hanna wish to invite YOU to open up your heart together with her to help make a difference.

We will flow through a soft-strong heart opening yinyang class. To join the class you donate your chosen amount of money to Hannas Musikhjälpenbössa ”Yoga för MH”.

Book your spot for the class at  or go to the app Mindbody. 
You can also just make a donation if you can´t come to the class.

The donation is made directly through the link:


Article N yoga studio

This is N yoga studio.

It’s  our yoga community, it’s our students, it’s you, it’s our teachers and it’s me. 

But most of all it’s ALL of You!! Grateful! 💓


(You‘ll find this article in Lokaltidningen Lund.)

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