Up coming workshop April 13

One week left before the workshop YONi yoga with Sanna Auhlen starts. Limited spots so book and secure your spot. You don’t want to miss Sanna and the YONi yoga, would you? 🙏🏼Book book book! 😄YONi YOGA med Sanna 003


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“The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.”
Welcome to our yin classes and practice your patience and experience the beauty of letting go, relaxation and softness in mind, body and soul!
Tuesdays @ 19.00 Yin with Nidra meditation, Wednesdays @ 17.30 Yin MFR, Thursdays @ 19.00 Restorative yin and Sundays @ 17.00 Yin.

Anjaneyasana- Low lunge

Anjaneyasana - Low lunge.....F3FCFDD0 8DE9 4879 93FD 868308436F2C
....Is a yoga asana named after Anjani, the mother of the Hindu god, Hanuman. 
Improves balance, stabilitet and focus.
It also opens the hips and stretches the glutes. It’s an awesome pose to stretch the hip flexors.
Try it!


Welcome to Nyoga studio together with Maria from doTerra. 
Date: Sunday May 19
Time: 11.00-13.00
Price: 450:- (including one roller á 5 ml)

Dive into a world of essential oils. Smell, feel and experience how essential oils are used, what they are used for and how they can help you maintain and reach health.
Essential oils are used for balancing emotional health, boost your immune system, reduce anxiety, green cleaning, reduce pain, balance hormones and MUCH more.

We have used essential oils for thousands of years and they truly are nature's own remedies, both physical, psychological and spiritual health. Quality really matters for their safety use and efficiency. doTERRA is one of the best ones on the market.

During the workshop you will get to smell, feel and experience essential oils.
We will also make our own rollers, and you choose which one you want to make depending on how you are feeling/ want to feel.
You can choose between the blends: Confidence, Let go of worry, Pick me up.

Maria Petersson is Sweden’s top female surfer and a Wellness advocate for doTERRA. She has just moved back to Sweden; her job is to introduce and support oil users to integrate essential oils into their health routines.2019 03 20 Maria doterra
Maria studied Health science in biomedicine and Health education and is passionate about helping people to live a more natural and healthy life. 

Registration is via the webpage, app Mindbody or at the studio.
The booking is binding but can be transferred to someone else.


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