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We create a place were you feel at home, find peace for development and expansion, regardless of background, religion and tradition.

Niki Schönström

Certified Moksha yoga and yin yoga instructor

”To me, yoga is about simplicity. Yoga is a way to find balance and harmony for both the inside and outside.”

Teaching and guiding people in yoga is a great privilege and a great deal of trust. Through presence and heart, with voice and hands, I try to get those who practice yoga to create space, mobility and strength both physically and mentally.


5 days ago

N Yoga
OPEN HOUSE 4-5 FEBRUARY!Welcome to our Open House to try out our free classesand our new studio at Raffinadgatan 2, Lund (Note the new adress!)Book your spot on the app Zoezi - nyoga.zoezi.se/ or webpage www.nyoga.se.(IF, the system asks when you log in to buy a card please, follow the instructions below.Choose date and class.Click on BÖRJA TRÄNAScroll down and choose Open House -free class.)Hope to see you!Sanna, Emma, Maria, Wipatorn, Katerina and Niki#yoga #yogalund #yogastudio #yogacommunity #openhouse #yogateachers N Yoga ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

N Yoga
Reset & Refresh workshop with our instructor Emma Johnson.Date: 12 FebruaryTime: 13.30-16.00Booking: info@nyoga.se or nyoga.zoezi.se/kurs/2Price: 550 krOften tired? Brain fog? Low energy?Reset and refresh your energy, mind, and body with this interactive workshop where you will learn and practice different tools and methods to use when you feel that you need to reset.This workshop draws upon knowledge from different disciplines of yoga, meditation and breathwork practices, as well as functional health.While our bodies are constantly working to help us detox from environmental toxins, things we consume (both physically, mentally, and emotionally), we sometimes need to do a little more to support ourselves to feel our best in our current lifestyles and the society we live in.Please join for this workshop that includes the following:• Yoga: A yin yang class that will first focus on yang (active) asana (poses) to support body detoxification, followed by release with longer-held poses (yin) poses.• Breathwork: Introduction to a few specific types of pranayama (breathwork) practices from kundalini yoga origin.• Lymphatic work: Introduction to manual lymphatic drainage techniques (using just your hands) to support your body’s normal drainage of your lymph nodes and support your immune system.• Chanting meditation and mantra: Introduction to a few mantras (from Bhakti yoga) to practice a chanting meditation. This type of meditation is great for those new to meditation or those who have difficulty to focus during meditation, as the mantra can help to focus our attention, clear the mind, and the throat chakra.• Herbal tea and light refreshments: Some herbal tea to support detoxification and light snacks will be served.Welcome!#resetrefresh #yogalund #yoga #energy #newstart #workshop #yogateacher #yogastudio @emjoyoga @nyogastudio ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

N Yoga
THEY SAY ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN THREE!And that's right for N Yoga, because the year 2023 will mean big new wonderful changes such as a new booking system, a new bigger studio and a new logo!And here comes our third change! Our new studio at Raffinaderiet.WE ARE SO HAPPY to finally be able to offer a bigger yoga floor. We have been practicing in our little studio for 5 fantastic years. We have been thinking about the survival of the studio and what the outcome of the pandemic will bring, and we think we will need more space for a long time to come. Despite the pandemic. Despite covid. Despite a chaotic environment. Despite the strained financial situation, the pressure has not been greater on our small studio than it is now.YOU, our amazing Community, have shown us what great support and great power there is under the roof of this small studio! YOU have shown us the need to come to the studio when the outside world is chaotic and traumatic, but also when our inner world needs peace, security, joy, community and love. YOU, are so completely involved in the studio growing and doing well!In the yoga tradition, the mats are often very close, but we know that the pandemic has made us relearn to keep distance, to not touch.At the same time, we long for community, warmth, hugs and visibility. We hope, believe and know that this is what you find and get with us. Therefore, we now dare to invest in a larger space, a larger studio.Right now, this beautiful studio is being built and renovated, so yoga is given as usual at Kung Oskars väg 35. But as from February 3 we will be ready to meet you at Raffinadgatan 2, Lund. With inauguration on February 3 and Open House with free classes on February 4-5.Now we hold our breath and hope we do the right thing. Maybe we're crazy and this will be the studio's downfall, maybe it's a fluke at just the right time. It is simply YOU yogis who show us if we thought right. Because now we need you. We have made the world's investment so that yoga can spread, and we are so longing to meet you on the mat.A warm welcome to all of you. #yogastudio #yogalund #raffinaderiet #community @wihlborgs_fastigheter ... See MoreSee Less
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Our Classes/WS/Courses

If you are new, Welcome! If you’ve been to the studio or another one across the country, even warmer welcome.

Moksha-inspired yoga
65 MIN / 90 MIN

A challenging, healthy all-level yoga sequence.

65 MIN

Encompasses both an active (yang) portion and a passive (yin) portion.

75 MIN

Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles.

Yin-yoga with myofascial release
75 MIN

Long deep holds to relax and  restore in combination with massaging the myofascia with tennisballs.

Vinyasa flow
65 MIN

Move, breath and sweat to the rythm of your body.

Tai Chi
65 MIN

Tai Chi is a martial art that spans from Health Care to Self Defense.

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