Business Yoga

Healthy and motivated employees are the most important asset of a successful company.

Regardless of the industry, today’s working life is characterized by a great time and performance pressure and requires increased focus on a professional stress and self-management.

Why business yoga?

The practicing of yoga at the workplace gives you and your employees the necessary means and skills to identify and master physical, mental and emotional challenges and problems.


Positive changes for you and your employees

  • Development of personal stress competence
  • Increase in balance and satisfaction
  • Increased motivation
  • Confident and clear decisions
  • Improvement of team spirit and working environment
  • Early detection of individual problems
  • Relief of pain
  • Enhanced physical well-being
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • Higher Life Quality


  • Do you spend most of your working time in front of your computers, then maybe it fits with a yoga pass where we soften shoulders and neck?
  • Would you rather try some more physical and energizing yoga?
  • Why not a calmer more meditative yoga session? Or maybe a mix?
  • We customize the yoga classes according to your wishes, both in content and length of the class.

Our goal is that the whole group should have the opportunity to participate, feel safe and comfortable regardless of age, physical conditions or previous injuries.

To create a well-suited program specifically for the needs of your company and your employees, we jointly evaluate the possible concepts and programs. Whether daily, weekly or monthly – between 30 and 120 minutes, the program is for you tailor-made.

Our services and expertise

  • International certified yoga teachers in Hatha-, Vinyasa- and Yin yoga
  • Classes possible in Swedish and English
  • All necessary utensils such as yoga mats, etc., are made available
  • Individual and group classes
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and flexible appointments are possible

If you want to be able to offer yoga at a conference / theme day, it can also be arranged.

Welcome to contact us to see what would suit you.


  • We can do yoga at your workplace, or in the room you are in. During the daytime we have the opportunity to be at N yoga studio, Raffinadgatan 2, Lund.