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If you are new, Welcome! If you’ve been to the studio or another one across the country, even warmer welcome.

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If you are new, Welcome! If you’ve been to the studio or another one across the country, even warmer welcome.

Moksha-inspired yoga
65 MIN / 90 MIN

A challenging, healthy all-level yoga sequence.

Moksha yoga is a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises that combines the precision of therapeutic yoga with the foundations of traditional yoga.

The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones and loosens the muscles, while calming the mind and reducing stress.

Moksha is great for beginners and challenges experienced yogis too!

65 MIN

Encompasses both an active (yang) portion and a passive (yin) portion.

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures.

75 MIN

Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles.

Explores postures in a passive receptive way for up to 5 minutes.

This allows the body to slowly open and the mind to calm. This way of practicing puts gentle pressure on the connective tissue and the more subtle energetic system. It allows for great flexibility and energy flow.

The relaxed pace and long holds also invite observation of the mental emotional body.

Vinyasa flow
65 MIN

Move, breath and sweat to the rythm of your body.

This practice links movement with breath, but also provides space in between to notice subtle shifts in your body.

For beginners to advanced practitioners, move, breathe and sweat to the rhythms within your body.

Moksha Flow
65 MIN

Moksha Flow is beautiful vinyasa flows, integrating movement with the breath to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Yoga means union. It is the union of the small self with the higher self. It is also defined as the quietening of the mind.

Vinyasa is applying conscious thought to the movement. It is thought that consciousness is directed with the breath. Breath combined with specific sequences of movements called asana, aim to achieve liberation or moksha!

Moksha is the sanscrit word meaning freedom or liberation. Moksha Flow aims to help you find freedom in your yoga practice, to find what feels good for you, for where you are today.

Inside Flow (Basic)
65 MIN

Participants: Experienced Yogi (no newbies)
Difficulty: Intermediate

Purpose: The Inside Flow yoga style is based on Vinyasa Flow. You will learn how to Slow Flow in the Basic movement of the Inside Flow style. Slow flow classes are good for beginners because they are taught at a gentler pace that allows you to build body awareness and really learn poses before adding speed.

Description: The class consists of a warmup and movement in “Vinyasa” style, which is referred to as “Flow”. You gently move from one posture to another carried by the music, bringing you into a trance-like. The key idea is the actual movement BETWEEN the postures, not the posture itself. The important thing is how you get to the posture.

Slow Vinyasa Flow
65 MIN

A delicate and steady class, requiring students to find a slow, meditative movement. Restorative, yin, and yang postures are fused to find a semi-active but nurturing flow that is recommended for both new students and well-practiced individuals. Props will be used to aid in alignment and support for the body.