If you are new, Welcome! If you’ve been to the studio or another one across the country, even warmer welcome.

We offer


  • Moksha-inspired yoga
    65 min

    A challenging, healthy all-level  yoga sequence

  • YinYang-yoga
    65 min

    Encompasses both an active (yang) portion and a passive (yin) portion.

  • Yin-yoga
    75 min

    Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles.

  • Restorative Yin-yoga
    90 min

    Restorative yin yoga focuses on restoring bodies with particular ailments.

  • Yin-yoga with myofascial relaxation
    90 min

    Long deep holds to relax and  restore in combination with massaging the myofascia with tenisballs.

  • Yin-yoga with Yoga Nidra-meditation
    90 min

    Long deep holds to relax and restore and near the end of the class a yogic sleep (meditation).

  • Vinyasa flow
    65 min

    Move, breath and sweat to the rythm of your body.


  • Moksha inspired Yoga

    Moksha yoga is a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises that combines the precision of therapeutic yoga with the foundations of traditional yoga.

    The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones and loosens the muscles, while calming the mind and reducing stress.

    Moksha is great for beginners and challenges experienced yogis too!

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures.

  • Yin Yoga

    Explores postures in a passive receptive way for up to 5 minutes.

    This allows the body to slowly open and the mind to calm. This way of practicing puts gentle pressure on the connective tissue and the more subtle energetic system. It allows for great flexibility and energy flow.

    The relaxed pace and long holds also invite observation of the mental emotional body.

  • Restorative Yin Yoga

    Restorative Yin yoga helps an unhealthy body, or an injured body, restore itself back to normal, back to healthy, back to uninjured.

    With passive (rather than active or yang) postures, it challenges you to find peace in what may be a slightly uncomfortable position and hold that position for 5 to 10 minutes, or even longer for some poses. Mostly on the floor, the postures work into the energy flows, or meridians, of the body.

  • Yin Yoga with myofascial relese

    Dare to let go and let tensions stored in the body be released.

    Let Qi/Prana/Life energy flow freely within the body and soul.Breathe. Creating space and flexibility.Allow all your tissues a well-earned recovery. By using tennis balls and blocks, you give your body a warm and curious massages of your connective tissue, the myofascia.

    From time to time we land in soft and relaxing yin poses and we will finish the class with a long rest and meditation.

  • Yin Yoga with Yoga Nidra Meditation

    Allows you to practice Yin at a slower pace to bring attention to alignment and breath control.

    Near the end of the class you will be guided through a meditative Yoga Nidra, which means yogic sleep, a state of conscious deep sleep for relaxation and subtler spiritual exploration.

  • Vinyasa flow

    This practice links movement with breath, but also provides space in between to notice subtle shifts in your body.

    For beginners to advanced practitioners, move, breathe and sweat to the rhythms within your body.

  • Workshops/Events

    We offer different workshops and events throughout the year. You can find the upcoming schedule on the frontpage and some of the workshops can be booked through Mindbody Online.

  • Private classes

    Customized private classes available.

    Contact me to discuss how to tailor a yoga practice to your needs. Bring your questions, and be ready to move.

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