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Rachel Elfant

Lene Estvad-Christoffersen

I see Yoga as a way of living.
In 2010 I began practicing yoga regularly which over time transformed the way I view the world and how the choices I make. l feels the physical and psychological benefits of my yoga practice on a daily basis in all aspects of life -in my job as a nurse, interacting with friends, family or strangers and even in how I shop and eat.

It has been my good fortune to have been taught yoga from authentic, dedicated and inspiring and both abroad as well as here in Lund, Sweden. They nudged me towards a path of love for this beautiful tradition.

My initial way back into yoga after some years of being a runner only, was through a passion for the momentarily high energy ‘kick- in’ of Hot Moksha Yoga and Bikram yoga. However, a trip to Bali in 2016 re-opened up my body and mind to traditional Tantric Hatha yoga and to the wonder and power of Yin Yoga. I believe that like me, the rest of the world need to learn to move in a mindful, un-rushed way in order to re-connect to our body and mind and find inner balance so we can know who we are and through this awareness find a way to live our lives to our fullest potential.

Tantric Hatha Yoga gives us the tools to do this and I am forever grateful for the great gift of being able to take my first 200 - hours teacher training - with the extraordinary teachers of this ancient tradition at The Practice in Bali and for the chance to share my love for Hatha Yoga with you as a new teacher here at N yoga studio.

N·yoga studio

  • Opening hours

    The studion is manned 30 min before and after classes (15 minutes before morning and noon classes). 

  • Address
    Kung Oskars väg 35, 222 35 Lund
  • Misc.

Rules of conduct

Please arrive not later than 20 minutes before class in order to check-in, change your clothes, chat. The front door closes on time and out of respect for the others, we cannot let you in if you arrive late.
If you haven't paid in beforehand and don't have a valid card, please show up in time in order to pay before the class. We recommend that you buy online to avoid queue.
The studio is equipped with bolster, blocks, etc. For hygiene reasons we cannot lend you mats but instead we have rent mats and towels, which are regularly washed to be fresh.
We practice yoga in functional exercise clothes (no shoes - you leave them at the designated area)

Your mat is your space in the studio. Sometimes it may get a bit crowded so please be prepared to move in order to get everyone in place.

We are a small studio so there is limited space available for dressing and shower. Please come as prepared as possible.
During the class we want you to put your mobile phone turned off, in flight-mode or silenced.
If you arrive by bike, there is a bicycle parking at the entrance. Please do not lean bikes against the studio windows.
Before and after class you can relax with some tea or water at our "fikabord".
We speak Swedish but all classes are in English.


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  • Kung Oskars väg 35
    222 35 Lund
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